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Roth's Produce

Mark Catanzaro practically grew up around Findlay as part of Frank Catanzaro Sons & Daughters Wholesale Produce. Frank C. Catanzaro's passion for family, hard work and realizing the American dream catapulted him from a boy who, with just $13 in his pocket bought tomatoes, started a wholesale business that grew into one of Cincinnati's top 100 private companies before selling the business in 2006 to a national distributor.

After his father sold the business, Mark figured he was done with fruits and vegetables for good. But an old friend of the Catanzaro family had other ideas. Ron Roth has worked at Findlay Market for more than sixty years – ever since he was five years old and had to stand on a wooden box to wait on customers. Ron and his sister, Judy, who passed away in 2013 after 60 years at market, took over their family produce stand from their father. Ron also worked for Frank Catanzaro in his distribution facility for forty years. He remembers Mark, along with his 6 brothers and 2 sisters, helping out at the produce stand that the Catanzaro family operated at the market for four generations. He recalls often teasing Mark that he was the “brains in the outfit.” 

 After Judy passed away, Ron realized he wasn’t going to be able to run the business alone for very long.  When someone suggested he ask Mark Catanzaro if he might be interested in coming back to the market, Ron doubted he had that kind of power of persuasion. He quickly discovered he didn’t need much. 

Mark Catanzaro returned to Findlay Market in January 2014. A guy with a familiar voice, loudly advertising fresh strawberries for two dollars a box, two bunches of collards for a buck and a half, with a little more gray in his naturally blond hair, and the same boyish smile, came home without a lot of coaxing after all.

Mark also operates the Newtown Farm Market where he strives to give his customers the best tasting, best looking and best value produce available. The Newtown Farm Market also specializes in unique grocery items by local and Amish producers.