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New Vendors at Findlay Market

Findlay Market has had some very exciting vendors join the Findlay Family in 2018! 

The Arepa Place
-The hardworking family that runs the Arepa Place have actually been members of the Findlay Family for two years now through their hard work in Findlay Kitchen, but they have now opened their first store front here at Findlay where they got their start! They have an immense passion for the cuisine that they create and the experiences that are shared over food.

Country Meat Co.
-The Country Meat Co. sells Amish turkey, chicken and beef as well as smoked meats and ready-to-cook seasoned meats, all with a smile and the answers to any meat related questions you might have! 

Cherbourg Cyprus 
- Cherbourg brings an exciting twist to baking with the fact that they use no gluten, nuts or dyes! They bring a healthy, young and fresh new style of baking to Findlay! 

Deeper Roots
-Deeper Roots Coffee come to the market striving for excellence in ethical sourcing and crafting of specialty coffees. They always have new brews and something exciting for everyone to try!

Mainwood Pastry
-Mainwood Pastry has brought new and exciting baked good to Findlay in 2018. The hard working staff are alwasy creating and trying new things out to serve their customers! 


- NOLI is a company that does more than just design a kitchen for you, they design your kitchen around you, for how you cook, live and entertain. NOLI brings something to the market that we have never had before and we are very excited to see them succeed!

Please come to the market soon and give our newest family members a warm welcome!