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Donate today to the Corporation for Findlay Market 

Findlay Market's continuing presence as one of Cincinnati's most cherished institutions depends on your support. The market is an essential element of our city's downtown renaissance, a center of renewal in Over-the-Rhine, and the hub of local food in our region. Like great theater, art, music, and sports, our internationally recognized public market makes life in Cincinnati richer and more rewarding.

You can support Findlay Market in two essential ways:

  • By shopping year-round - the dollars you spend keep the market's unique mom-and-pop merchants in business and financially healthy.
  • By making a gift to the The Corporation for Findlay - your tax-deductible contribution supports the historic market itself, which cannot be maintained and improved solely with rents charged to its small family businesses.

Public markets serve a public purpose and are operated to pursue civic goals. They are such important centers of economic, social, cultural, and political commerce that other cities are trying to replicate what we've successfully maintained for generations.

Your donation helps ensure that Cincinnati's great public market will be here for generations to come, generating a wide range of public benefits by:

Preserving a unique building listed on the National Register of Historic Places

Providing a home for:

  • Locally-owned small family businesses
  • Fresh, local, affordable, nutritious food in the urban core
  • Year-round farmers markets that support local agriculture

Creating business incubation and micro-enterprise opportunities in a poor neighborhood for farmers, vendors, artists and artisans

Strengthening our local food system and reducing its carbon footprint

Fostering social interaction among an economically, racially, and ethnically diverse shopper base

Preserving an authentic public market shopping experience in an attractive public space

Helping to revitalize a unique historic neighborhood that is a national treasure

Public markets across the country are playing a transformative role in building communities because they are about all things local. Findlay Market has supplied fresh, high quality food to our community for more than a century and a half. The market today is a vital catalyst for local food and neighborhood development, and offers a shopping and social experience unlike any other.

For general inquiries, please email us at info@findlaymarket.org. You can find additional information regarding directions, parking and hours in the header of this site.

Your generous contribution helps ensure that Findlay Market thrives in the 21st century. Thank you.